The Likely World

The Likely World, debut novel by Melanie Conroy-Goldman, will be published by Red Hen Press on August 4, 2020.

A lifetime’s addiction to the memory drug cloud has allowed Mellie to glimpse other, possibly better, lives, but for the sake of her toddler daughter, she is trying to live in the likely world–the imperfect reality in which she’s landed. When a stranger appears who may be her daughter’s father, the pull of her seductive, dangerous memories may put at risk her tiny family and her fragile new life.

Cover image by Yang Cao

The Likely World is bizarre and beautiful, equal parts brainy lit and gut-bucket pulp. Its heroine is unlike any female character I’ve ever encountered and I love her.

–Mary Gaitskill

Conroy-Goldman’s gritty street postmodernism will rewire your brain in ways that recall David Foster Wallace or Philip K. Dick. But it’s the depth of feeling here, about love, about motherhood, reminiscent of Rachel Kushner or Claire Vaye Watkins, that will break your heart.

–Peter Ho Davies