We Made A Thing

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Trailer for The Likely World

Midday Thursday, I got word from Red Hen Press of a cool opportunity to share word of my book with the American Library Association. Libraries are super close to my heart. In the acknowledgements sections of the book, I talk about Tompkins County Public Library as my informal writing retreat and “part-time babysitter” when I was single-momming. The only catch was that I had twelve hours to produce a two-minute video in the weird genre known as book trailer.

No problem. I hired an experienced crew, a group of talented actors and a terrific production team. Just kidding! It’s a pandemic, y’all. I recruited my whole family instead. Coco shot the video and was properties master. Clio & guest taught me how to use iMovie and I stole Clio’s computer to do the editing. In an unlikely turn of events, Dot conceded to appear onscreen (if you have teenagers, you will wonder at my powers of persuasion) and my sister Arielle sent me video of my perfect niece. Charles was chief de-stressing officer, patting my back when my ancient computer went into death spiral mode.

What on earth is a book trailer, you may be asking? Honestly, I don’t really know. All I can tell you is, it’s a thing. And now this collaborative effort is going to be my book’s ambassador to librarians. Hope you like it, all you heroes.


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