Final version…and how to win a personalized Advanced Reader copy for yourself

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Crazy days, am I right? Right about now, I was supposed to be finalizing travel plans, packing my suitcase and preparing to hit the road for my book tour. Book tours are traditionally one of the big ways an author gets books into readers’ hands, reaching out beyond the circle of friends, and those people who read book reviews. I am thrilled to be partnered with so many great bookstores & organizations to do virtual events (shoutout: Titcomb’s Bookshop, Brookline Booksmith, Writers & Books, New York Writer’s Workshop, HWS and others). I am thrilled to be launching on 8/4 live at the Fingerlakes Drive-in. But I need your help to get The Likely World to the readers who will love it. What can you do? I’m glad you asked.

Below is a list of this week’s asks. Help me out, and I’ll enter you in a drawing, to be held on 7/20, for a personalized version of the Advanced Reader’s Copy of the book (the one with all the typos still in it.) I might even tell your fortune!

Just do one or more of the below. Each action gets an entry, so do more and get more chances to win!!

Report back, or just trust me to keep track. xoxox Melanie

  • follow this blog–and like! and comment! It’s lonely in the days of social distancing.
  • repost the pre-order link on this page
  • follow me on instagram or on twitter
  • If you live in the finger lakes, reserve your tix for the 8/4 launch

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  1. joshgoldman says

    If we don’t live in the finger lakes region can we still reserve a spot at the drive-in?


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