Everything Should Have a Party

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The thunder clouds moved away and darkness fell over the drive-in theater. It seemed to me that the cars didn’t stop rolling in.

I saw friends from every part of my life. It was the middle of a pandemic, and it was a party. I got to thank people who’d helped me along the way. My friend Bob said all the perfect things about The Likely World, including that it is sad. I read from the funny part, though and told an embarrassing story about a teenaged crush I had/stalker situation I may have perpetrated. Kevin Colton captured one of the perfect moments of happiness of my adult life on film. 

I was surrounded by some of the most brilliant, creative, sparkly people I knew. And I thought, why don’t we do this for everyone’s accomplishments? Each academic book, each dance choreographed, each time someone does something brave, each pretty design, we should throw a party. 

Parties are hard right now, of course. Practically impossible. But I hope you’ll let me throw you one when this is all over, or at least attend to celebrate the amazing things you’ve done. Let’s dance, too. I miss dancing.

This week, if you have a moment, would you kindly drop a review on Amazon, and on Goodreads? You don’t have to have bought from the giant to leave a review, and these venues are important to getting the word out.  And if you are reading, post a selfie, or a quote you like, and tell your friends.  With my deepest gratitude, 


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